The Art of Business

I've been recieving newsletters and inspiring info from Artella for years (thank you for turning me on to this, Tracy!). While many people tend to look at business in one very linear, money-and time-based way, I choose to enlarge my perspective and look at business as a creative endeavour. (Much like Sir Richard does!). And like any kind of creativity, inspiration is crucial.

I've just become an Artella Affiliate, making it possible to offer you links to FREE resources and merchandise for sale at Artella. The links are down in the lower third of my sidebar, and you'll find some very informative and TRANSformative resources there. Very affordable, as well - I'm thrilled to be able to offer these resources to you!

Download a FREE copy of the Artella eBook, MoneyMorphosis: Ten Things Butterflies Can Teach Us About Money. This ebook invites you to transform the way you think about money! Follow 10 metaphorical fables in which butterflies teach us about true prosperity. Download your copy here!

There are many books, ebooks, kits, and materials for sale at Artella - some about business, some for artistic expression & exploration. Yes, it's usable for business! Think of journalling, mapping, collaging, and 'stream of consciousness' writing as creative brainstorming activity for your business that helps you to break out of your own limitations. Check out these great 'box-expanding' books: (click on photo for link)

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