Keep Moving Forward.....

I am SO excited about a new direction for my business!
It's one that will enable me to work with creatives, artists, makers and crafters 
who need help with their work & hobby spaces!
Last week I worked on an #ArtfulMakeover in artist Sharyn Sowell's studio...
and it truly engaged ALL of my creative energy as I helped her solve dilemmas in her space
that had all but shut down her creative muse.

I helped her tackle storage and organizational challenges,
set up systems to contain the myriad of supplies she needs,
and assisted in making this space just SING her brand image in the process!
I'll share more of that project from start to finish soon, but here's a sneak peek:
As we worked, Sharyn learned a few things from me:
"Seriously, Deb is an artist's dream! She studies your work needs and your style, 
makes your studio far more efficient and then the eye candy is packed in... 
Who knew my own studio would turn into such an inspirational place for me?!?!? 
And I'm working faster, too. She's a real gift!"

I learned some new things, too - including that there are a LOT of creative people who need help like this!
So I'm broadening my horizons, breaking out of the retail 'box',
and moving forward in a new creative direction...
providing studio & booth design assistance to artists, creators, makers, and vendors.

Find out more about this NEW service HERE

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