Deb's Design & Display Stars: Tippy Stockton

Meet another creative person, product designer, antique show vendor, and business owner whom I had the pleasure to meet recently: Patricia Mackey, of Tippy Stockton Designs.

The shot above is of her booth at the Funky Junk Sisters Show over the weekend. I was so impressed with her visual presentation that I asked for her permission to feature her here on my design blog. Patricia has come up with some ingenious display ideas for her unique products, and I know you will find them as inspiring as I do...

She kindly responded,

Hi Debi -
I am speechless and quite flattered... I would love to be part of your blog however you see fit. My mom was my mentor and inspiration. While all the guys in the family are color blind, my Mom and I took that gene and ran with it. I took time off from work to collect my thoughts and venture out and do something that would make me happy and fulfill a dream. I'm not sure that I'm there yet, but I think I am definitely on my way. Thank you so much....

Fondly, Patricia

Why yes, Patricia, you are most certainly on your way! There are so many easily adaptable ideas in her booth: A pair of old bifold doors has been made into a screen, which is an excellent way to utilize vertical space, add a large dose of color, and provide eye-level display area for small products. The fact that she added old metal garden rakes as 'shelves' is simply genius!
Use of two shutters, made into a folding screen, to display carded jewelry. Smart and space-saving. You could also use large shuttered doors for this, and I've seen greeting cards displayed by flipping the shutters over so the slats run upward to hold the cards.
Mannequins are today's de' rigeur prop for fashionista accessories, and this sassy chick is no exception. Tippy has dressed her in the colors of her logo, added a sparkly crown and some of her custom jewelry, and lets her become the backdrop to a gathering of bejewelled candle holder creations. She also stands at the front of the booth, acting as a welcoming touch.

There are many other great ideas in her booth, so check out Tippy's blog to see more!

I had taken photos of Tippy's booth, but when I went to get her blog link, I discovered that her photos were much better than mine. So, all photo credit for this post goes to Patricia Mackey of Tippy Stockton Designs. At her request, I will also mention that she had design assistance for her displays from the most talented and charming Todd Waddell (of Bountiful Home in Edmonds and formerly of Ravenna Gardens). Tippy is one of 'Todd's Girls'! Todd has quite a collection of them. ;0)


  1. Patricia's booth was fabulous! She really took a fresh approach and it worked. Her colors were intoxicating.

    Funky Junk Sister #2

  2. Hi Deb!

    Haven't talked in a while, but hope all is going well! Great post--LOVE the colors!