Providing retail display design and product styling services to retailers, wholesalers, and artisans in
tradeshow, wine, tabletop, yarn/textile, fashion, accessory, book, vintage + antique, 
home decor, garden, hospitality, fine art, and souvenir niche markets.

A Quick Look at Some of My Visual Merchandising Work

  My Displays for Downtown Disney Retail Stores at Disneyland
My Displays for Columbia Winery
My Displays in Vintage Show Booths + Photo Booths
My Displays for ReSale/Thrift Stores
Please click on the following links to see photos of my work:

(disclaimer: my portfolio photos are hosted on my account at Photobucket.com. 
due to changes in their operations, you will be subjected to ADS while viewing my photos. 
I apologize for the inconvenience, but have no control over this.)
Retail Displays
Retail Displays at Disneyland
Retail Store Design at Disneyland