* Effective January 1, 2024, I am officially retired! *

My blog remains accessible online to share my decades of experience
with readers who find inspiration, ideas, tips, tricks, and resources here
in the many blog posts I've written since 2000.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!

trade show booth concept design

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here's a look at something you haven't seen much of on my design blog:
the design concepts i create for NON-retail spaces.

i've shared a few trade show booth shots before,
including the display setups i've created for wholesale gift shows in the USA.
i've also shared the redesign i undertook with my daughter
in her 'Heeling Sole' barefoot massage studio in Texas several years ago.
(i'll link all of those posts at the end of this one)

when you combine those two things,
you have Deb designing a trade show booth concept 
for her daughter to set up at the national convention of her industry...
 i'd like to share the project with you with the goal
of helping you prepare for any trade show, convention, even pop-up space
that your business might have as you promote what you do.

continue reading for my narrative and Jeni's input on our process
and how those goals were met...

fall display tips

here's a simple tip for seasonal merchandise displays
in your store, pop-up, or booth:

move it!
relocate existing product to a new shelf, tabletop, or shelf unit
to create a fall-centered display.

gather up merch with the colors of fall, 
add in a few branches and leaves and sunflowers,
maybe use wood crates and harvest baskets to contain smalls
to continue the 'fall harvest' vibe.

continue reading to see how moving merchandise can impact your store - and sales!

what's in YOUR windows for the summer season???

summer is here (unofficially) and if you haven't done it yet,
it's time to refresh shop windows AND online photos for the season.
gather up the red, white, and blue products & props in your storage room
and let's get you in motion to create effective displays!

my best VM tip:
Selecting a general theme and a seasonal color palette is what works for us in this resale store.
The choice of a patriotic palette for summertime is easy, and draws customers like flies.

It can work for you, too, no matter what you sell - 
because a window 'set' that can simply be filled up with new products on arrival
saves everyone time & effort.

continue reading for classic summer display ideas,
created for an upscale thrift/resale store in Southern California...

A Blooming Spring Display

One of my former clients was a local vintage / antique show.
Every three months - once per season - this event took over a local park,
filling up with 60+ vendors of vintage and vintage-inspired goods in beautiful booths, 
and drawing crowds of thousands of people over two days.

And lucky me, not only did I get to SHOP the show each season, 
but I was let loose to create a fun, fanciful, and enticing entry display!

The goal was to create an area that welcomes guests / shoppers, 
reflects the seasonal theme of the show,
and provides an opportunity for guests to snap photos of themselves & friends
as souvenirs of their happy day.
They also happen to share those photos on social media, which helps to promote the event!

In January, the spring show planning began. In February, the show producer and I 
spent a day creating huge flowers from paper for the display at the entrance to the show.

continue reading to see more...

Spring Fling

It's still cold, gray, wet, and miserable....and winter isn't about to let go yet.
But are you offering your customers a healthy dose of Spring Inspiration?
You should be!

Continue reading for some ideas to help you get started...