Plan NOW for Holiday Season Success!

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I know, it's October... but I'm going there.
Are there boxes of Christmas merchandise stacked and waiting for floor space?
Most of you are saying yes right about now.

Relax - you've done the easy part. But you're not done yet!

Because the hard part is that you need to have a plan ready
for how, where, when, and why those boxes of product will make it to the sales floor.
And you need that plan NOW, my friends.
Before you pull an all-nighter to set it up. Before you leave a list of 'to do's' with the staff.
Before you have the invites for your big holiday decor unveiling event printed.
(You ARE having a big unveiling event, aren't you?) Before your ads hit the media.

Retailers count on the holiday season for a large percentage of their annual income,
and it makes sense to plan for it. 
But far too many businesses just roll the stuff out on carts and start stuffing it into displays. 

Don't sabotage yourselves! 
With a bit of planning, you can reap all of the benefits of a successful Holiday season.

continue reading for my top tips for planning your holiday displays...

Vintage Fall Display Inspiration

from 2012 to 2017, i worked with and for Rita Reade,
the proprietor of the creative vintage business Mammabellarte 
and co-founder, along with her sister-in-love, artist Christie Repasy, 
of The Vintage Marketplace vintage show in Southern California.

Rita hired me as her visual designer and stylist
to style all of her beautiful creations into an inspiring booth setting for each show,
as well as doing the same for the entrance to the show as a photo backdrop.

this post originally appeared on my diy home decor blog.
i'm re-sharing it here, as many of the techniques & tips used here
are just in time for vendors doing fall shows, as well as fall store window displays.

continue reading for all of the usable details...

Back To School Windows

The calendar (and the weather!) may still be saying 'summer', 
but fall is on the way....
bringing hordes of 'back to school' shoppers out of the pool and into stores.
It's time to catch their eye with some FUN window displays!

At the resale store where I created visuals with a dynamo named Debby, 
we created two distinct stories in the two front windows:
One geared toward kids, and the other toward teens.

continue reading to see the details and learn why they work...

before & after: retail display solutions

A successful retail display doesn't just happen.

it is the result of a combination of knowing the science of retail principles
and the art of composition and placement. 
Both combine to create a 3D work of art that invites customers in - 
and results in sales of product.

There are some retail display design principles that are oh-so-perfectly illustrated
by the following 'before and after shots',
and to discuss them means that I have to critique the 'befores'.
So while I point out all of the flaws in the design below,
know that I realize someone worked hard putting it together...
they just didn't know the most effective way to do so.

continue reading as i describe what was wrong -
and how easily those challenges were addressed...

@ Liberty: Patriotic Vintage Display

Imagine, if you will, Lady Liberty... 
stepping down from her pedestal on Ellis Island to enjoy a summer yachting excursion.

That, in a nutshell, is the premise behind the summer theme
in my friend Liz's booth in an antique mall in San Diego!
Liz hired me to assist her in gaining some serious WOW factor in her booth,
which is in the WINDOW of the gorgeous shop.
She brought the goods, and I helped her with a design plan and styling services.

... and I think I can safely say that her booth is definitely a WOW!

See the fireworks after the jump.....