Damage Control...

So, your Holiday merchandise didn't sell like you thought it would.
No problem. No, really.... there's still hope for some of it. 

(And no, I don't mean mark it all 90 percent off!)
Let's salvage all that we can and turn it into winter/spring displays!
Like, for example, those ornaments above.....
silver, with red felt dots. Some others in the collection say 'Love'.

So they didn't sell....well, then let's make lemons into lemonade
and create a big red Valentine's day display!
Those ornaments could be heaped into a huge heart-shaped box, made to look like bon bons.

The red table, below, will fit right in:

So will the red cyclamen flowers and the linens with white snowflakes...

These Seasons of Cannon Falls snowmen are 'non-holiday specific', so use them, too. It's still winter - they still work!!!! The newsprint snowflakes from the collection can hang from tree branches above.

Perhaps you stock a line of pottery in multiple colors year-round,
so pull the red pieces to round out the new display.

Some of the white Vietri poettery with the lacy edges will work nicely, too...

Then just add some chocolates in Valentine's boxes, maybe some red wine, a few red velvet wine bags,
 and you have a new look with almost all 'leftover' merchandise.  
It's a way to get more than clearance prices from things that didn't sell,  
keeping your profit margin high.

Want to see an example? click here.

Even if you don't have to deal with a bad sales slump, 
sometimes products just don't move like you expect them to.   
Rethink them, restyle them, recombine them with other merchandise to create a whole new story

Don't get stuck thinking that the way they were displayed in the showroom 
is the ONLY way to merchandise them! 
Sometimes, your creativity can mean the difference between clearance and sell-out.


  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Diva Deb: You are FABULOUS. Beautiful displays and great ideas. Glad you advocate Seattle Chocolates - they are my favorite too (so much so that I got a job at the company). They are a great chocolate for any occasion or no occasion - perfect just for a little pick me up. If you have gift packaging left over you don't have to sale the product out - just take the truffles out and display them in beautiful china. Sell them 3 for $1. Thanks for the good ideas.
    LN with Seattle Chocolate Company

  2. Deb- Good for you! Wonderful ideas and a wonderful attitude. I'd buy from you in a heart beat and I love your displays. As usual! I think making lemonade out of lemons if my mantra so I really admire it in someone else.