Abundant Display Techniques for Fall

If there is one word that expresses the mood of Autumn, it is 'Harvest'.
And that leads to Abundance - a very important concept in retail visual merchandising.

Your goal is to attract your customer's eye with a display that is full of product.
Product to discover, to look at, to investigate, and to purchase. 
(Don't forget your signage!!!) 

The best displays have two elements:
1. a 'lifestyle' or 'feature' area, 
where a grouping of products creates a mood, a theme, etc.  

2. an adjacent table or shelf unit 
that holds LOTS of those products - 
all neatly corralled or lined up, easy for a customer to grab n' go.
(in merchandising talk, that's known as "stack 'em and pack 'em" !) 

It is very important that both the 'feature' area AND the 'stock' area are always filled with product. 
Neat, clean, but FULL. 
 If you have a low amount of the items and can't fill it up, 
you need to build a smaller display and get a smaller fixture to put the stock on. 
Or you need to bring in some additional products, and cross-merchandise it into your theme.

This concept can apply to a voluptuous old-world style vignette 
or in a sleek, contemporary display...
It matters not whether you build it in a geometric grid form or a freeflowing arc. 
It matters not whether the fabric is draped in great swaths across the table, 
or hung vertically from above.

Any display of product, any theme, any style, in any store 
will benefit from having additional product easily available immediately adjacent to it.
I mean, I just loooove creating those lifestyle tableaux of spilling items, 
draped fabrics, and artfully placed floral accents. 
I really do. It's like a still life painting come to life. 
(Which, I know, kind of negates the term 'still life'...but anyway....)

The most glorious, opulent display won't sell your products on its own. 
It needs to be partnered with accessibility - 
otherwise known as shopibility!

Customers want to be able to grab a few widgets and head to the cash register - 
they don't want to have to extricate each and every item from a foofy display.
So make it easy for them...and for your sales staff. 
The bonus is, it's also MUCH easier to re-stock products in this format
AND your display might just stay intact and pretty for longer than five minutes.

The display above is staged to be viewed from front AND back.
Several metal towers in the grouping hold the wine en masse,
 while the tableware takes center sage on the wood fixtures.
An abundance of product, ideas, and inspiration will reap a harvest of sales this season...

(Photos copyright DWK 2006 at Columbia Winery)

Vintage Show Booth Display Resources

I've been writing blog posts for nearly two decades, 
and have presented seminars at several vintage/antique shows, 
aimed at helping vendors think outside the box of what they've done before 
to expand their vision and approach to booth setup and layout.

Doesn't matter if you've been selling 'old stuff' or even newly-created 'upcycled' stuff for decades - 
shows are changing,  the what and why of collecting and buying is changing, customers are changing,
and you need to speak their language visually if you want them to buy. 
These posts and my seminars are aimed at teaching vendors HOW to do that successfully.

More about how I DO that after the Jump.....

Back To School Windows

The calendar (and the weather!) may still be saying 'summer', 
but fall is on the way....
bringing hordes of 'back to school' shoppers out of the pool and into stores.
It's time to catch their eye 
with some inspiring and FUN window displays!

Inspiring Ideas after the Jump......

Picture That!

Yesterday I snapped photos of a few displays at the Rogers Gardens Gallery shop,
 because this idea is a really simple and inexpensive way to elevate your displays...

remove the 'stock photo' insert in the frames you are selling, 
and replace that piece of paper with another!

More Ideas after the Jump...

Relaxing ReDesign Project

I'm currently in San Antonio, Texas for both business and personal reasons...
and along with visiting with my eldest daughter, her husband, and my son & grandson,
I had the pleasure of working with my daughter Jeni on her business.

She asked me to take a look at the reception area/lobby of her massage & yoga studio,
with the idea of making it both look better and function more effectively.
A Mom just can't say no to her kid when the kid gives her permission to basically
take over and do anything she wants with her biz, so......

See what I did after the Jump!

Red, White, Blue... #WhatsInYOURWindows ?

 In my last post, I shared an 'artistic' point of view window display.
After that, my design partner Debby redesigned the window...keeping the big armoire that backed the other display and giving it a whole new look!

See what Debby Did after the Jump!

Retail Display is 'Painting a Picture'

It's an art.... and I've always described what I do as a visual stylist in this way:
"I create still life paintings using dimensional objects instead of paint or pastels."
This particular display brought together that art with actual fine art...

Find Artful Display ideas after the Jump!

Thank You, YMN Magazine!

I'd like to thank Erin Slonaker and Yarn Market News Magazine 
for the opportunity to be a speaker at this past weekend's Smart Business Conference in Seattle.

It was a great experience to share information and inspiration about visual impact in retail stores, 
meet so many people who are enthusiastic business owners,
and reconnect with people I met at the 2010 YMN SBC, as well!

More applause for some wonderful people after the jump....