White Christmas

Looking for something to add a special effects WOW to your holiday displays? How about snow that won't melt? NO, I'm not talking about fiber batting or plastic chips or even skeins of soft angora wool. I'm talkin' virtually REAL snow!

Check out
Sno-Wonder. It's a product originally created for special effects in the film industry - and it deserves an Oscar!

You get a white baking-soda-looking powder in a pouch, then stir in cold water. It looks a bit like white soup for a few minutes...and then suddenly it congeals as you are stirring it, and you have crystals that expand into what looks & feels like real snow! This stuff is wet, cold, white, fluffy, and the ultimate in Trompe L'Oeil! (That's 'fool the eye' in French). It will last for WEEKS - and if you are in a particularly dry environment, just mist it with water every few days and it will stay plump and perfect!

I've used it in my seminars, displays, and decor since I discovered it two years ago at the SFIGF, and highly recommend it. Especially for 'brain teasers' like THIS....


  1. As usual, a FABULOUS idea! I love your pictures also Deb.
    I must think about WHERE I can use this stuff in a display for my shop! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Diva Deb,
    Of course you may add me to your blog links, how thrilling for me! I have visited lil'Deb's spot many times but never visited the Diva's blog and it is great! Adore, adore that fake snow. How many times could I have used that for my Christmas trees? Both of your blogs are fabulous - may I add them too?