Singin' In the Rain

Have you heard of Pandora? No no no not the box thing! The online music service!

A friend told me about it and I am soooo hooked. Working on the computer isn't exactly my favorite thing to do, (except blogging, of course!) but now when I have to, I can have awesome music playing!

Here's the deal: Go to
Pandora, sign up (free), and then type in the name of an artist or song that you love. From that ONE entry, Pandora will build a playlist that contains other songs that fit the profile of the one you entered - 'jazz, sultry, slow beat, female vocalist'. Voila - it's a 'Madeline Peyroux/Billie Holiday/Rosemary Clooney' radio station right there on your computer!

I love it! I've got about six different profiles set up, so whatever mood I am in, I can click on it and hear music that matches my mood. Beach Boys. Harry Connick, Jr. Classical piano. Big band. And, yeah, okay, I'll admit it: Dixie Chicks & Faith.
Nothin' like some rowdy music on a slow gray rainy Monday morning...and a latte, of course!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! My daughter and I visited the site today and now we want to share it with our friends!