Hold Your Breath....Here We Go!

It's September first, so in my book it's now officially acceptable to start with the Holiday mayhem.

(Hey, I may work in the retail industry, but I simply cannot bring myself to jump into the Holidays until AFTER Summer!!!)
These photos are of a fun and inexpensive display treatment - Bubble Wrap Curtains!
I saw these in a home decor shop in Leavenworth, Washington last year, and was just so amused with them. The shop was as traditional as they come, no funky stuff at all, and yet the display designer had created these whimsical accents to the decor - and BOY did it stand out!

It's a great example of how simple materials can be transformed into a show stopper of a display!

(So, tell me...what can YOU do with newspaper, bubble wrap, or styro peanuts?)

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