Joseph Campbell said "Follow Your Bliss".

If you know what your Bliss IS, that's not so outlandish a suggestion.
But if you have no idea how that applies to you, it may seem like 'pie in the sky' advice. Especially from a business perspective.

Thing is, there are a great many people in search of and following their Bliss in life. The smart ones have figured out how to turn doing what they love into a business.

I met quite a few women in that category at one of my former favorite places, a web site that offered some great info for fledgling entrepreneurs of Bliss Businesses - and those who are still learning about this concept. Hosting a private membership-only online community for women pursuing their Bliss as a business was where it all started. From artisans to writers to shop owners to designers, members discuss and share in order to succeed. Originally, this community was the Victoria magazine Business of Bliss online forum. When the magazine stopped pulication, the community moved to a new location. Many of the original members were involved, and new ones joined in. Through the years, the community was a haven for women who owned or were researching their own businesses born from their passion. It was about connections, relationships, support for and from women who are as passionate about meaning and value in their lives as they are about their chosen work - their Bliss. I spent eight years as a member of the community, serving for a time as a moderator and as a director, and I am proud of the work I did and the assistance I was able to give to women there.

Recently, I parted ways with that community, moving on to a new phase in my life, business, and development of new ideas from women in business. It wasn't an easy thing, but life is change, and it was all for the best. I wish those who are still members much success and fulfilment in their lives and businesses. I am still in touch with many of them thru emails, and also with other women who chose to leave the community as well. These are friendships and associations that owe so much to the concept of Bliss, and thrive now due to our shared concept of growth.

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