Counting Down...

It's a week before Christmas.... and all through the store, it's time to freshen and rotate your displays galore!

Take the ornaments off of the decorated trees and put them in baskets, bowls, and on platters to make shopping easier. Leave one or two main trees decorated for effect, but focus on making product accessible.

Restyle some displays by simply removing the holiday merchandise & props. The scene shown above has hot red silk fabric swags and glass ornaments in it. As shown below, taking them out makes the look crisp, clean, and ready for the New Year.
Consolidate lines that have sold down - combine them in a cross-merchandised display according to color, use, or style. And always always give your customers inspiring ideas to recreate at home: Only have six or seven of those glass ball ornaments left? Take them off the slatwall and heap them in a glass bowl on a tabletop. Just one handmade Santa left? Group him with a small tree and a heaping helping of stockings - maybe even display some great candles with them as a suggestion of a last-minute Hostess gift.

Start your markdowns on Holiday-specific merchandise. Decor, gift wrap, cards should all be on sale now to help nudge customers to buy. If you have a huge overstock of an item - a certain ornament, or card pack - you may want to consider giving away one free with a minimum purchase: "Receive a Free Gift with any twenty dollar purchase" works wonders to motivate! Just be sure the gift is commensurate with the minimum purchase requirement. And make sure you start promoting any after-Christmas sales now, so your customers can plan on coming in for them.

And one last thing: clear a space and create a display of NEW product near your entrance. Whether it's a classic line, a new design, something for Spring or home organization items (always hot after the New year!), you want to provide brand spanking new merchandise for your customers to buy with their gift certificates & cards. Don't offer them leftovers!
Photo Credits: Faded Elegance & retreat


  1. Debi,
    I just found your site and I'm so glad I did. Your store is beautiful!

    I can see you will be an invaluable resource. I opened a small gift shop in May, and I'm having a ball, but this is all new to me. So, I'll be back!!

    Thank you for sharing what you have learned with others.

    Barbara Jean

  2. Debi,
    It's me again.

    I have an area I wnat to do in blacks and whites/creams.
    Red or Pink with it??

    Barbara Jean

  3. Deb - Everything is stunning to say the least! Have a wonderful 2009!