A New Place to Play!

I had a new display opportunity come up this past week, and it was really fun to do something different than my normal 'contemporary' style displays at the wineries and gift shows.
Take a peek:

Antique Mall Space.....Before......

And After......

The best part was being able to infuse this dealers' space with a mood that I'm really drawn to right now. Old worn surfaces, textures, and colors that evoke Autumn. This is really more 'me' than anything I do for other clients. Though small, it was a fun space to decorate!

Just goes to show that visual merchandising is valuable no matter what kind of space you have. And Antique Malls...well, it seems to me that anything you can do to add personality and a 'story' to them will be a good thing. Shelves crammed with dusty tchotchkes is just so old. This shop is filled with gals who really know how to set their wares off to best advantage....I love shopping here!

Detail shot: Since the mall owner covered the one wall with sheet music, I cut a bunch of leaves out of old music pages, and fluttered them from the branches of a 'tree' in the corner. This adds to the 'story' of Autumn gatherings.

Such a nice break from the 'norm' for me...Thanks, Kimberly!

If you want to see this booth and a bunch of great Shabby fun from other dealers, check out Faded Elegance Antique Mall in Everett, Wa. - 2112 Hewitt Avenue, just East of the Events Center. The tea is wonderful, too!
And tell 'em DivaDeb sent you!


  1. LOVE IT!!!! You're barking right up my tree, now sweet Deb! How are you doing?? Looks like you're mighty busy. Beautiful job ~ makes me want to look closer, you know? Hoping you and your family are doing wonderfully, xxoo, Dawn

  2. Really great! Love the country look. We don't have antique malls here in the city, we have to go about an hour away to find good ones up in the Santa Rosa area.

  3. Deb!
    This is fabulous! Next time I'm over in America I'll stop by (and finally get to dinner with you too!)

  4. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Yippie!!! As I was drooling over that enchanting space thinking to myself I'd love to see it in person...after reading where it is located...I'll get to - I'll really, really get to!!! I rent a tiny, tiny cabinet space at Faded Elegance - Now I'm going to hurry and tag a few 'treasures' so I can see your wonderful creation before everything is sold!!!~Dona

  5. That is beautiful. I know I would stop and look if I was shopping there!

  6. very cool. I love this style too, and like what you did with the leaves. Fun booth

  7. Anonymous11:52 AM

    you really know how to transform a space. great job!

  8. Wow! displaying items with a little panache helps inspire the customer... Very lovely.
    But, I must say, I love a good 'ole treasure hunt in an 'old' shop too!
    Very nice display.

  9. Deb,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Actually he dream had Shemar Moore(I think that is his name), not Greg of Darma and fame.

  10. Re: Janet's comment above:
    Hey, she said her dream had 'the Cute Guy' from Criminal Minds. To me, that's Thomas Gibson AKA Greg Montgomery!!!