Display is Like Playing Dominoes...... Everything Moves!

Changing your store displays for each season is VITAL!
Variety is needed each month to keep customers interested and returning.
The photos above show a sunny, bright, cheerful summer look 
in the front room where you enter this darling vintage boutique.

New product had arrived, so it was time to feature it in the front room. 
In a small shop, when you move one item, it affects everything else. 
The product that was here was relocated to another room - 
which meant that everything in that room had to be rearranged as well, 
to accommodate the merchandise. 

It's like lining up dominoes and watching them fall! 
[I'm not sure if it's an 'official' industry term, but 'Domino Effect' certainly applies here...]

So, I'd like to know: how often do you change the displays in your store? 
Windows? Front of Store/Entry? Interiors? Point of Purchase? 
Have things been the same for longer than a month? Two months? THREE months? 

Hey, folks, retail is change! 
If we never brought in new products, we'd be outta' business. 
Same is true with displays - you have to mix it up, move it around, make it fresh and new 
to stop your customers in their tracks. 
Otherwise, they just walk on past, thinking 'Been there, seen that.
Yes, it's work... it's time... it's effort..... 
but it's a foolproof way to increase customer awareness of what you offer. Isn't that worth it?!


  1. Debi ~ We cannot tell you how pleased we are with the finished product as usual. It is so much fun working with you. You are so talented!
    -Julie & Marybeth
    Poppyseeds, Stanwood

  2. Debi,
    Your displays are wonderful as always. I love checking in to see what's new. Got a quick question. A few months ago you talked about extra memory for your computer. You had mentioned a desk top version to hold your photos. Could you give me the name of the unit. Thanks

  3. Sure, Teresa, what we have is an external hard drive. It's called 'the BOOK' - and it actually is no bigger than a large paperback book! It plugs into the computer's USB port and has LOADS of memory. We got it at Best Buy - ask the Geek Squad, they'll know what you're talkin' about! Less than a hundred bux and SO much peace of mind.

    We actually don't save anything to our internal hard drive anymore - we just save it to the Book. That way we can take it with us when we travel, use it on our laptops or the desktop PC, or - heaven forbid - save the data during an emergency! It also helps our computers run faster to not have all that stored data.

    We've had ours for three years now, and it's not even 1/4 full. (Which says a lot about capacity, because I have LOTS of photos and written documents saved on it!)

  4. this all looks just amazing! We have to re-do our retail for fall....we've got a gorgeous old chuck wagon coming for our outdoor display!