Winter Displays

 Winter has arrived!
And even though it looks much better while sitting inside looking out, 
I love the fresh, clean, crisp look of a snow-covered landscape...
the soft, pale winter color palette inspires me.

I shared these photos on my
HOMEWARDfound decor blog today, 
and thought that they ALSO served to inspire retail displays.

Yes, retailers are gearing up for spring already,
but you can still make room for a beautiful winter-themed display in your store or booth.
[Customers DO appreciate being able to find things 'in season', you know!]
You don't need to purchase 'winter' products for this... just use what you already have.
[which is exactly what I tell people about decorating their homes each season!]

How? Keep reading - after the jump!

Take a cue from Mother Nature:
Tones like gray, charcoal, chocolate, white, vanilla, and pale blue evoke a winter feeling.
Clear glass, mirrors, and shining silver reflect the icy, snowy weather.
Wood finishes portray the textures of a barren winter landscape.

Start by gathering the elements that reflect the colors and surfaces of Winter:

Then combine them to express the mood of Winter:

These settings all include vintage, antique, and repurposed furnishings and decor
that I have created for retail spaces...
but it's just as easy to combine mid-century modern and contemporary pieces
to create a seasonal  'Winter' mood in a display.

Make it feel warm, inviting, and inspiring
and your customers will find themselves taking bits of it home with them!

 Even the most humble things can become a decorative element...
 Stay warm!

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