Winter Windows

I spent Christmas in San Francisco this year,
enjoying a LOT of window shopping on Christmas Eve in Union Square.
By far the most outstanding retail window displays were these from Saks Fifth Avenue
(though Tiffany's were a close second!)
...and it MAY not be for reasons you expect!

Yes, they are stunning visuals featuring beautiful merchandise
that extends and builds on the luxurious Saks Fifth brand image.
But there's more...

These window displays whet our appetites for the scrumptious merchandise,
making us hope that packages beneath our tree will yield such treasure...
but if you didn't notice, may I point out that 
there isn't a Christmas tree in one single window?

There are tables and chairs, chandeliers and drapery, crystal and china,
high-fashion apparel, accessories, and jewels
that imply that all of these oh-so-chic mannequins are at the coolest party of the year.
And gee, wouldn't WE like to be there, too?
Maybe it's the Christmas Eve family dinner we dream of.
Maybe it's a swanky New Year's Eve event we hope for an invite to.

Here's the point:

These displays entice us to look forward....
BEYOND the Holiday season.
With window sets that work to extend the lifespan of the displays past the Holiday rush,
Saks is giving merchandisers time to get the store itself back into shape
and new sellable merchandise on the floor
(for customers with money to spend just after Christmas)
That's PROFIT at the bottom line.

These window displays will work through New Years' Eve, 
and I'd bet they will be changed up ON New Years' Day 
perhaps to a vision in red or pink,

...or even ROSE GOLD
(the hottest trend out there right now)
 try it for a fresh new color palette touting the best gifts to give for Valentine's Day!

Focusing on the SEASON and not on a specific HOLIDAY 
is one successful way to get more mileage out of your window displays.

You'll find MORE ideas and inspiration for Winter Displays here on the blog
and on my Pinterest boards

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