Vintage Booth Design Tips

So many of you who read my blog are vintage/antique vendors,
selling your goods in mall booths and at shows...
I spent six years selling on the vintage show circuit and I know the challenges you face!
My goal is to provide information and inspiration to help you
present your merchandise in the most creative and effective way possible...

In case you haven't seen it over there on my sidebar >>>
I have a post about the mechanics of setting up a show booth called
The 411 of Vintage Booth Display
that shows you step-by-step how I designed and styled a booth
for my friend and client Rita Reade of Mammabellarte
at her show The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks in Rainbow, CA.
(a photo of her booth is shown above)
You'll find TONS of helpful tips in that post that you can use!

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photo of my own 'RETREAT' booth at the BarnHouse Vintage Marketplace show in 2011

I also have another post that addresses this topic:
Successful Vintage Show Booth Design
has an attached document that you can use as a guideline
as you design your own booth space.
(note that this document is protected by copyright, as are all of my written articles,
is for your own use only, and can not be replicated online or in print in ANY way.)

I may not be a vintage vendor anymore, 
but I support the industry by attending shows and shopping
and getting photos of great booth displays!

You'll also find inspiring ideas for your vintage booths on my
Vintage Displays & Decor Pinterest board

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