Calling All Vintage Chicks!

Have you ever been to The Farm Chicks show?
Do you WANT to go?!

Click over to The Farm Chicks facebook page and enter to WIN two tickets 
to the show this June 3 & 4!
The show takes place at the Spokane Fairgrounds in Washington state, 
and it's truly jaw-dropping... 

From 2007 to 2011, I was a vendor at this vintage, antique & handmade show.
Farm Chicks is one of the BEST shows of this type in the country, 
featuring hundreds of talented artists, makers, dealers, and 'junkers' 
all gathered in one place, indoors, once a year - with booths like these: 
(the last 3 photos are of my own RETREAT booths at the show)

My very first year as a vendor, I was pretty ambitious
because before the show opened on the first day, I ran around for two hours shooting 
six episodes of a video series for the now-defunct Gift & Home Channel!

In my videos, you'll learn about arranging small spaces for maximum accessibility,
be inspired by creative display tips & tricks, realize how your visual style impacts your brand,
and find out how these shows can be a terrific source for new & unique products for your store.

In my own high-energy, fast-talking, fast-moving style,
I packed a LOT of info into each 5 to 7-minute video, and some amazing women joined me
to share their tips, tricks, secrets, and lessons on camera... you'll learn a lot from them, too!
You can find all six of those videos on my YouTube channel.

I'm heading back to the show as a shopper this June, 
and can't wait to enjoy the atmosphere and experience of being there again.
If you get a chance, GO!!! And if you see me there, say hello!

(and don't forget to enter the ticket giveaway over on The Farm Chicks facebook page! )

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