It's Farm Chicks Fever!

Do y'all know about the Farm Chicks?
Check out their web site to learn allllll about 'em: . Teri Edwards and Serena Thompson are two POWERHOUSE women, thoroughly feminine forces of nature who produce an awesome antique show in Spokane Washington. Not only is the show promoted by Country Living magazine, for whom Teri & Serena are contributing editors, but it has a reputation as being one of the best in the industry. After being there and meeting the Chicks this weekend, I could not agree more!
I was at the Farm Chicks show filming some video segments for the Gift & Home Channel, and had the pleasure of interviewing Teri & Serena on camera. Just a short 15-minute session to get a shorter five-minute clip - but what fun! These gals are pros at this, and they made everything easy. Thank you again, ladies, for your help in making this shoot so smooth and successful. You are wonderful!

(Teri's gonna' kill me when she sees this photo...sorry, babe - Mr. Deb took it, not me!)

A quick and heartfelt thank you to Peak Video Productions, and Jim, Robin, and Rick. WOW. Your profesionalism and great attitudes made this an exceptional experience for me. Thank you for making me look good! Brittany (Lund, GHC producer): We did it!!! You can breathe now!!!

I'll share more photos soon, and as soon as the videos get through post-production and are up on the GHC web site, I'll link to them. I can't wait to se how they turn out...


  1. I also caught Farm Chick Fever this weekend. What a great show! I'm excited to catch your piece on them.

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    It was nice to meet you (briefly!) at the Farm Chicks Show....I now realize it was you to offer me a hand as I was on a ladder hanging my curtains during set-up! I was on the corner down aways from you. I thought "how sweet of her to offer help during this hectic time of the show"...just wanted to thank you!!!!