Six Degrees...

I have to tell you all about a great story I heard at the Portland Gift Show!

I was shopping the Vintage Collection (truly my fave part of the big shows), scoping out the FABulously foofy offerings at wonderful Jennifer Osner's booth. She has ribbons and laces and fabrics and vintage dresses and millinery supplies....oh, I could go ON.

Anyway, I was talking to Jen about antique laces, and she casually drops the bomb: "Oh yeah, my laces were used in one of the Project Runway dresses this season. I got a call from one of my regular clients and he said he needed some laces, but couldn't tell me what for. Imagine my reaction when I saw the dress on the runway!" She pulls out a big ol' book of samples and photos and flops it open on the counter. 'The Dress' she refers to is THIS one:

Yeah, her client is Rami Kashou! He couldn't tell her that he was a finalist and the laces were for his runway collection...she said she actually thought he was doing a hush-hush wedding design for a celeb! Rami also included this stunning creation in his collection:

Jen said that Santino is also a client who buys vintage trims from her for his fashion THAT doesn't surprise me a bit. The 'Rasputin of Ruffles' must be in seventh heaven when looking at Jen's stock of antique & vintage trims.

I tell you, if she had told me that Christian Siriano was a client, well, I'd be wrangling an intro. LOVE that kid! As it is, she told me to come visit her thirty thousand square foot warehouse in San Fran sometime. sigh. Oh, I will, Jen! And you can bet I will be looking over my shoulder for those fashion gods while I'm there...


  1. OH MY GOSH!!

    Rami was our second choice, after Chris March. I think you should definitely visit her showroom, of course I'd come a long to carry the packages. I'm going to have to look for her at SFIGF this year now.

  2. Anonymous9:20 AM

    ohhhhhh...I was in ribbon and lace heaven when I was in her booth!! She is soooo nice,too!!! I wish I knew this info before the Farm Chicks Show...I woulda shown you how I used some of the things I bought from her!!!