THIS is Goodwill?!

Take a look at that branding package, my friends...
because you've NEVER seen Goodwill looking like this!

Goodwill Industries is expanding their marketing to go direct to the fashion-conscious, trendy DIY crowd
by opening 'Goodwill Boutique' stores in strip mall locations across California.
These upscale boutiques and specialty stores feature name-brand designer fashions, jewelry, wedding gowns, antiques and other amazing finds. (from the GWI website)

See what I saw today at the Grand Opening, after the jump...

This morning, I stood in line with over 200 people for almost 45 minutes to get inside...
today was the Grand Opening of the new Goodwill Boutique in Tustin, Ca.
I found out about it because a flier was hung on my door yesterday.
Apparently it was also on the news last night, and the place was PACKED!
Only 200 people could be inside at any one time, so we took turns.

Once I made my way to the front of the line and then inside,  
I could see that the displays were FABulous...
and brilliantly using of-the-moment trends to capture the eye and inspire shoppers

 Some of the HOT trends leveraged in those displays:

* denim: clothes, accessories, home accessories, and funky props

* architectural salvage: wood cable spools and hollow core doors

* junk: old filing cabinets, old books and book pages, old vinyl record albums,
even a tattered umbrella and old computer parts & wiring!

As I shared in my last post, this sure looks a lot like Anthropologie.
Goodwill is steppin' up to compete!

I applaud the OCGB Tustin Visual Merchandising Team 
for creating such a remarkably upscale look using secondhand goods!

I was seriously impressed with the merchandising, the staffing, 
and honestly by the pricing: I expected higher prices.
But everything was priced reasonably - and flying out the door.

A candelabra-crowned mannequin bedecked with glass beads and jewels was already sold, 
and sitting behind the sales counter. 
But that didn't stop this gal and I from snapping photos of it!!!

A view of the checkout line that snaked through one whole side of the store:
Yes, my friends, that was the turnout for the opening of a THRIFT STORE.
This store is smack-dab in the center of the land of 
BRAVO television's the Real Housewives of Orange County * and their wannabees.
Seems like everyone wants to look like a celeb here in Cali - 
and to be able to do that by shopping at thrift stores? Who's not on board with that?!

And OH but Goodwill is SMART to realize that!
It's all in the branding, the marketing, 
and knowing WHO your audience IS and what they WANT to buy.

They treated this like a fashion boutique opening for celebs,
all the way down to having a red carpet and photo backdrop outside the doors:

[Seriously, did you think I wouldn't stop there?!
How many times in her life does a girl get to walk the red carpet? You just don't pass that up!]
A few other girls in line near me were really enjoying the fun, too...

and isn't that exactly what you want shopping at your store to be for your customers?
BRAVO, Goodwill! (pun intended!)


  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Bravo, Goodwill!

  2. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Bravo, Goodwill!

  3. This looks incredible! I hope you figured out how to make the flowers in those first few photos and will post a tutorial! If anyone can, you can!
    What did you get???

  4. Holly, I actually DIDN'T buy ANYTHING on this trip ;) (Yes, that's a first for me!)

    The line to check out was an hour long... and truly, I don't have space to store any MORE 'stuff' right now, no matter how fab it is! (I still have that storage unit up in Washington to empty..... next month....) I will say that the prices at the Goodwill Boutique were EXCELLENT. Very impressed!