fall display tips

here's a simple tip for seasonal merchandise displays
in your store, pop-up, or booth:

move it!
relocate existing product to a new shelf, tabletop, or shelf unit
to create a fall-centered display.

gather up merch with the colors of fall, 
add in a few branches and leaves and sunflowers,
maybe use wood crates and harvest baskets to contain smalls
to continue the 'fall harvest' vibe.

continue reading to see how moving merchandise can impact your store - and sales!
this freestanding display of fall-hued dishes, glassware, and serving pieces,
paired with a wine that has a color-coordinating label,
was built on top of rustic metal planters topped with glass squares.
the hues of the planters match the wine label and merch. 

it was selling very well here, but new merch had arrived
and needed to occupy this space... 
moved to a new location on existing shelving fixtures,
the existing product takes on a whole new look with BIG autumn season impact:
it's all the same stuff, in a new location and arrangement. 

more glassware was added to help fill in the additional space here,
making this wall a focal point directly across from the entry doors.

the new merchandise on the freestanding fixtures looks just as good!
still evoking autumn and nature themes, 
this display leans into a more neutral palette and sparse style,
making sure that the avian print on the linens takes center stage
(along with the wine, of course!!!)

pulling multiple products and lines together by color to create seasonal impact
is a basic tenet of visual merchandising
for home decor and entertaining/tabletop merchandise.

here are two more examples of displays that whisper' autumn' :
peach, pumpkin, and persimmon orange hues
mixed with earthy greens, brown woods, and a punch of eggplant
inspire shoppers to mix, match, and create their own style.

on the left there is a definitive 'old world' style,
while the display on the right is more contemporary. 

the addition of faux fruits, veg, foliage, and flowers help draw attention
and communicate 'it's FALL!' perfectly.

i hope this helps you see that you can
use your existing merchandise and props in new ways,
and pull together exciting fall displays in no time!

see more detailed info on re-styling existing displays here.

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