what's in YOUR windows for the summer season???

summer is here (unofficially) and if you haven't done it yet,
it's time to refresh shop windows AND online photos for the season.
gather up the red, white, and blue products & props in your storage room
and let's get you in motion to create effective displays!

my best VM tip:
Selecting a general theme and a seasonal color palette is what works for us in this resale store.
The choice of a patriotic palette for summertime is easy, and draws customers like flies.

It can work for you, too, no matter what you sell - 
because a window 'set' that can simply be filled up with new products on arrival
saves everyone time & effort.

continue reading for classic summer display ideas,
created for an upscale thrift/resale store in Southern California...

two large white shutter doors were placed in front of a very heavy armoire,
creating a bright backdrop  for fashion and home decor elements
in a red, white, and blue palette:

a pair of wood spools added to the set create more product display area...
They hold assorted red, white, and blue home decor items and a few fashion items.
We simply refresh the display by adding new items as they come in.

The front window on the other side of the store holds all fashion items in the same palette and theme:
We'll be pulling in a 'faux' bed & headboard to show off some nautical linens
and more red, white and blue home decor elements.
The window on the other side will be re-focused on fashion...

here's the final product of that plan:
 Above: the Right window, formerly filled with staging platforms and fashion,
now displays a 'bed short' (a table made up as a bed) to feature home decor.

Above: The Left window focus is still fashion and entertaining...
The stacked wood spools have been removed, replaced by a table setup
that features merchandise for entertaining.
We re-dressed the mannequins and hangers in the other half of the window,
after shifting the position of the backdrop by a foot.

This mid-summer change helps us make the windows look fresh and exciting to customers
while sticking to our seasonal VM plan - saving time and labor.

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what's in YOUR windows this summer?

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