Four Star Displays!

To celebrate the Fourth of July, let's indulge in a bit of red, white, and blue eye candy:
Window Display above at Ralph Lauren; Photo credit and flag created by Swell Dame.
Vignette display by Today's Country Store.
Lifestyle display by Seabold Vintage Market.Vignette Displays at Poppyseeds Boutique.

Happy Independence Day to all of you independent retailers out there... you make America great!

Photo Credits: all but first one (credited in post) by DWK 2009, taken & used with permission of retailer.

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my take on retail visual design:

"The thing is, retail design is driven by psychology. It is by manipulating space, visuals, lighting, sound, smell, and mood that we influence customers to enter, stay, browse, buy, and return. It is an endless exercise in change, endurance, growth, education, and imagination that enables retailers to stay on top of their game and at the forefront of their customer's minds. Yes, what you sell IS important - but even the very best merchandise won't sell at full price if it's presented in torn boxes on dirty shelves in a store that is too crowded to turn around in. Visual impact is a huge part of business, and utilizing the principles that have been proven to work can help you build a better business." ~ DWK