Where Ideas Come From....

Everyone asks me "Where do you get ideas for displays?"...
Usually, the product itself offers a great starting point. Sometimes, however, I am not particularly 'inspired'.
Not that the product is to blame.... for instance, in the photos above, you see a collection of colorful ceramic ware. It's great stuff - SO great, in fact, that it is in stock every season at Columbia Winery. It's a mainstay of the shop, and new colors rotate in a few times a year. Some seasons, I'll separate colors and pair them with other ceramics & cross-merchandise with more products.

When combined as they are above, I can create several different looks/themes: one we did in the shop this summer was a 'Fiesta!' theme, tied into the wine club summer party event. Lots of tissue paper flowers and some sangria mixes brought south-of-the-border flavor to the display. For fall, we needed to do something fresh - and when I saw the cover of the new Wine Spectator magazine, I knew how I wanted to update the display. By rotating in some new colors, switching out the fixtures, using harvest baskets as props, and incorporating food products along with the ceramics & wine, the display has a completely different feel than it did earlier in summer.

A pine hutch and harvest table, another low pine table, and a rolling butcher block island create a 'kitchen' feel. Colorful children's chairs and wood bowls help add levels of interest and continue the color scheme of primaries. Beautiful Vietri ceramics in the shapes of vegetables are a standout focal point at the front of the display - as is the Wine Spectator magazine in a harvest basket. Finished off with linens, food products, aprons, and of course wine, the basic bright ceramics become gourmet fare. We actually have a few hanging herb racks ordered that did not arrive from the vendor in time for me to use them - but when they come in, I'll add them above the display with some fake herb bundles tied to them.

It's easy to come up with a theme....just look around, and get cookin'!

All photos copyright 2006 DWK, courtesy of Columbia Winery

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