A Helping Hand....

Big Goings-On around Diva Central, let me tell you...
The Holiday Hullaballoo begins on Monday at Columbia Winery, so I'm in full prep mode this week.
I am also plotting and planning the total (and yes, extreme) makeover of my office, to accomodate some product development that needs to go on here after the Holiday rush is done in early December.

And to make the chaos complete, the guy who hosts my web site on his private server is shutting it down on Monday....my poor little web site will be homeless if I don't get my tuckus in gear. I accomplished part of the big move today, and will get some 'live' assistance tomorrow morning to complete the transfer from one server to another. God help me, I hope whomever it is who calls me is a patient soul.....the Diva is technologically disenfranchised, remember.

Would appreciate all prayers, thoughts, wishes, and crossed fingers you can spare over the next few days!!
(The blog won't be affected and if you need to contact me, just leave a comment here...)

That illustration reminds me of DD#1, the massage therapist.
Boy, I could really use one about now. And every day for the next month and a half.
It's just the flights to San Antonio that would be a problem..... ;o)


  1. Your massage will arrive on December 23rd, and stays thru January 3rd!!! Until then get creative with hot towels, peppermint, and tennis balls!

  2. Oh darling daughter Jeni, I cannot WAIT until you arrive!!! (ANd not just for a massage, either...tho I Am looking forward to that!)

    The web site is down until the process completes...ugh. Ah, well!