I grabbed this photo from somewhere awhile ago, and since I am feeling a bit like I have been drained, it seemed an appropriate image for this post. Cute display idea, huh? Or, event decor for a winery dinner?! I've always loved plopping candles into champagne saucers, but this? SO easy.

I'm working on some photos for you....this may take awhile, so be patient! There will be before shots, design sketches, and after shots of a showroom I just redesigned. I'm arranging them in sequence, and then I'll post a few and share the transformation of the space.

Everyone is emailing me asking about the Seattle show - what was new, what is 'IN', what's 'on trend' this season. Frankly, my dears, I can't answer that!!!! I was so busy working, I didn't even notice! When I shopped the market for the winery on Monday, I noticed more pastel colors than in the past, but also more brights. Also neutrals, coinciding with 'green'/environmentally conscious design. So, a little bit of everything, really. Shabby. Retro. Mod. Primitive. Woodsy. Beachy. You name it, it's out there.

The trick is to figure out what statement you want your store to make, who your customers are and what they are seeking, and buy according to THAT. You can't be everything to everyone - try it, and you look like a garage sale. YUK.(That reminds me of a sign I saw years ago: 'GROJ Sale'. Funny!) Trends come and go - good design lasts forever. Style is open to personal definition - and truly, expressing ourselves thru our home's decor is as important and common as doing the same thru the fashions we wear. We find the basic style we love, then just add our own FLAIR! It's the same with a shop, no matter what you sell.

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