Room With A View

I'm not sure if I would be a very productive employee if I spent all day staring at a scene like that one, but I can tell you that it sure would beat the gray-carpeted interiors of most cubicles I've encountered.

Maybe it's just that I'm not really big on being restricted to any one area for very long? I remember years ago attending a career seminar, which was for the purpose of determining our 'Dream Job'. Attendees were asked to write a description of our own personal 'Job From Hell'. Not hard for this girl at all: Office in a high rise, assigned to a cubicle, prosaic boring metal furniture, sitting & working on a computer all day. Flourescent lights, no windows, no plants, no views of anything. Hot stale air. Muzak on the sound system. Boss from 1950's era. No room for creative thinking or actually for thinking of any kind. Just follow the directions and do as you are told. Hooooooooly Toledo. Dear ol' Deb would have lasted .oooo2 seconds in that job! I am blessed that tho there have been some abysmal jobs in my life, (fast food; working the childrens' toy department at Christmas; and a great visual job with a horrid manager), I managed to escape the particular personal pergatory I descibed in my assignment.

There is a website that sells large-scale graphics that adorn cubicle & office walls: check it out at http://www.cubicledecor.com/ . Amazing and very creative stuff! Scenes include nature and landscapes as well as space, cityscapes, sports, films...limitless, really. Some poor bored person must have thought up this idea whilst being held captive inside a corporate office! I hope now she works on a laptop from a chair like the one pictured above.....

If you absolutely positively HAVE to be in a cubicle for any length of time, I'd say turn it into a room with a view... of anything other than gray carpeted walls. And if you live in the NorthWest, and work in a cubicle, here is a perfect solution for ya:

No matter what time of day it is, or what the weather is doing (LOL), "The Mountain" is ALWAYS "Out"! (Ya gotta be a local to understand that one.....)

PS: Hover your cursor over that link above. See that cool little box that appears and previews the website? It's available for use on YOUR blog or website at www.SnaP.com. Free. Enjoy! (And yes, you can hover on THAT link, too!!!!)

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