It's Right There In Black & White!

Tradeshow booth design by Rosanna Inc. is, in one word, Brilliant!

White fomkore panels, a few black felt pens (okay, okay, they probably had it printed), and some creative brains - and you get this incredible concept for a booth. Simple, graphic, easy up/down, easy transport, easy easy easy. Those panels are affixed to the front of the huge rolling boxes that transport product. Unload, put against the wall, pop on the panels, and arrange products. The backdrops wedge between the base boxes and the top rail of the pipe-n-drape around the booth.

And effective: All of the marvelously playful colors of Rosanna ceramicware show up perfectly against the white. There is ample space for traffic flow. This photo was taken during show setup a few years ago - I do beleive they added some kitschy chrome & naugahyde kitchen table sets in the center of the space, providing an area for order-writing and sticking with the theme of a kitchen. And speaking of theme, what is more perfect for this product than a kitchen?
(hmmmm...maybe a candy shop or soda fountain.....)

I wanted to share this idea with you in case you are racking your brains trying to come up with a display idea for your show booth or showroom for the summer show season. Sometimes, simple is the most effective route you can take. Plus it gives you more time to sneak outside and catch some rays!

Also, in finding the correct link to Rosanna, Inc. for this post, I also found her blog. O dear....on it, she announces her summer warehouse sale which is being held Tomorrow and Saturday. If you are in Seattle, get thee to an ATM and hustle down to SoDo to see what bargains Rosanna has cooked up! (PS: right around the corner from her warehouse is the Seattle Goodwill Outlet - you could score some cool furniture for displays there! And don't forget to head over to Sand Point on Sunday for the long-awaited reprise of the Sand Point Antique Market...)

Sunshine and bargains in Seattle....is there anything better?!
Product photo: Rosanna, Inc.


  1. Thanks for the post Deb! I love your blog!

  2. What a great concept. Going to a lot of trade shows, This is so simple. It could be applied to so many different styles. Imagine it black laminate and a stained wood.

    I'm in love with the King's Road dinnerware. I wish it were in platinum.

  3. teresa5:51 AM

    Love that booth. So me....wish it was mine!! Or that at lest I could stand in it a while and soak up the black and white goodness!:)

  4. Shoot! I missed the warehouse sale...I never realized that Roseanna, Inc was based here in WA. I love their dishes! Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Awesome ideas - Debi. You are always such an inspiration.


  6. welllllll..........if that just isn't my favorite ceramicware, ever.