Sign of the Times

So we just ran to the local grocery store to grab something needed for dinner prep. The store has been undergoing a MAJOR remodel for months now, with departments being relocated and new structures, departments, prep areas, flooring, decor - the whole shebang - and they have been open all the while. I cannot even FATHOM handling the logistics of a redesign project on this gargantuan scale! It's a bit of a test of one's perserverance to go there, as merchandise moves every day to a new location. Yes, EVERY day. The coffee has been moved about six times now. That may sound utterly frustrating, but this company has truly worked hard to make sure that they have ample staff on hand, walking throughout the store, to help customers locate what they need. I still think they should give those employees pith helmets since it is such an adventure, but that's just me....hmmmmn, maybe the CUSTOMERS should get them......

So anyway, tonight I saw that the heavy plastic wall that had closed off the new 'Food Court' area had been taken down, allowing a full view of this newly-created space. I drove my little half-cart (have you SEEN these? Darling little things!!!!) at top speed to get over there. It's gorgeous in there - VERY hi-tech. VERY user-friendly. I smiled at the rows and rows of EMPTY plastic deli containers lined up in the cool cases: they are using them to categorize & create the planogram for stocking practices. I reached into my purse for my handy-dandy camera to get a shot - and no camera. It was at home, still hooked up to the computer. O yay.

And then it got even BETTER: I looked up. Up at the overhead awning above all of those shelves-in-process. Where a series of stainless steel letters had been installed to clearly label this area. 'DelicatessAN'. sigh. No camera. No camera phone, either. Yep, the Diva is prepared. Uh huh.

I told the gal at the customer service counter about the miss-spelled word. She looked at me like I was purple or something. We got home, hubby looked up 'Delicatessen' on Webster.com - ahem, excuse me, dear, but did you not trust me and my silly spelling-obsessed brain??? - and then he called the store, asked for the GM, and told him about it. That poor man said that he has heard about that sign more than anything else all week - but the company hasn't come out to fix it yet. He's being bombarded by spelling-obsessed people!!!! I feel kinda bad now. But I'd feel worse if I saw 'DelicatessAN' everytime I walked into my local market.

I'll go in tomorrow and try to get a shot before it's changed..... I'll post it here if I get it. I'll also send a copy to Rick Segel. He's 'MISTER signs' in the retail biz - be sure and catch his seminars at the San Francisco & Seattle Gift Shows this summer, and check out his website at www.RickSegel.com.

Tip of the day: "Spell Check: It isn't just for computers anymore."
Edited to add: I went back - WITH camera - and they had already fixed the sign. Darn. But at least they fixed it....


  1. Hmmmm at least it wasn't DelicatASSen!

  2. I know how he feels. When I used to work for a large department store the minute I finished doing signage someone would be at my elbow. It was really frustrating when we were putting up a brand that was intentionally spelled wrong. Sigh!