VIP Digs....

'Extreme Makeover: Winery Edition' continues....

Hogue Cellars VIP Event Room, before. North wall.
Add a new ceiling & soffit, more lights, a new wood laminate floor, paint, wood window blinds, draperies, and furniture:

(Yes, that IS the 'Coffin' table from the retail shop! It's standing in until the large, dark wood hutch arrives from California)

East & South Walls, before
After. Hang on - the rug shows up better in an upcoming shot!
Those two tables (Palacek) were chosen for their flexibility. They have hidden leaves tucked away inside (makes them heavy, but it is a great storage solution), so they can expand to two foot longer than seen here. Also, the two tables can be configured to form an 'L', a square, a long row, two separate tables....many options for a room that performs many functions.
South & West walls, before.

After. And that gorgeous RUG!!!!! Chocolate brown with varied greens and golds. Perfect. (Sorry, I don't remember who it was from). The artwork is made up of the same warm tones found in the Hogue Cellars labels. This space will hold a portable bar and three tall bistro tables with three barstools each. They will have dark wood tops to match the tables (and hutch) and rustic, weathered sage green-painted legs/bases. We didn't want all of the furniture to match, like we bought it en suite at Ethan Allen. All of the custom furniture should be arriving soon - once it does, I'll head back over the mountains and take final photos.

One other important thing I did was to hang drapery panels at the doorways.
One doorway leads into a long hall filled with offices, that connects to the retail shop at one end. Draperies here give privacy to the event room and the offices, and function easily to allow guests to access restrooms down the hall.
The other goes out into the cellar and leads to the kitchen area. Privacy is one issue, sheer appearances is another. No one wants to see steel fire doors!!! (Check out the very first photo up above, for the 'before' look). The draperies help with the acoustic qualities of the space, and soften the many hard edges, as well.
I love this shot....
The trays and glass orbs are a nice, simple way to add color to the room, and in this case they reflect the colors in the artwork hanging on the West wall. They can be easily stored away during events, to allow full table use. The sunlight coming in the windows bounces through them beautifully. This room is now warm, inviting, elegant yet casual, and a perfect reflection of the brand image of Hogue.


  1. Great make over. The before reminds me of a church basement. The aftershots show a place I'd love to hold an event in.

  2. That is an amazing transformation. As the previous commenter said, the "before" looked like a basement--did they really think that it was a VIP room? Now, it looks like a VIP room!

  3. Wonderful! As the others said it really looks vip now. The befores reminded me of an activity room in a nursing home.