Buried Treasure

Has anyone out there heard of Nagel candelabra systems from West Germany?

I searched Google and eBay, and saw a few of them in other styles, but not in this one - it's called 'Variante' and was supposedly designed by Caesar Stoffi in the late sixties or early seventies. If anyone knows anything about them, I'd love to hear! The photo above shows how the individual silver-finish elements (candle holders, vases, and small platters) can be stacked, screwed together, and combined to create fantastic leveraged & balanced creations.

I scored more than a dozen boxes of the components at an estate sale this past weekend. Brand new, never opened before.

The box even included the taper candles!
I plan to use these at the Winemaker Dinner in August...probably on the bar in the reception area, since there are not enough of these to make an impact on the very large banquet tables. They will fit in nicely with our Art Deco-inspired 'Roaring Twenties' theme, and coordinate perfectly with the tall silver champagne stands that I use as flower & candle stands on the tables.

Just goes to show you - you never know where the perfect prop will be found. It often pays to make a slight detour to follow an estate sale sign, and dig thru dirty boxes in basements!!!!

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