What's Deb 'Up To' This Week?

Listenin' to my tunes on my MP3, and totally enjoying the sunshine we are gettin' here in Seattle this week...

Creating a whole brand concept and facility floorplan in eight hours. Yes, really. I am THAT good. LOL It's not an architectural rendering, just a concept drawing...I'm not ALLLL that...

Creating products and installing a new display in the retreat booth...

And prepping to install displays at the gift show. I gotta' get packed!

...just for the 'enquiring minds' who want to know..... ;o)


  1. LOL I'm also prepping for SFIGF this week! How strange! LOL

    I'll email about your plans this weekend. Safe travels.

  2. Oh - I love my Ipod! I use it when I ride my bike.

  3. I'm aching to hit that show (maybe next year!)...hope you rock it!