Traveling the Silk Road...

Is this not a gorgeous logo??? And if you think that's fab, you need to visit their store!

Silk Road Home Decor & Gifts is located in the Old South Gaylord Street Historical District of Denver, Colorado. The owners of this beautiful shop attended my seminar at the Denver Gift Show on Sunday. After I spoke, they came up and introduced themselves, then invited Mr. Deb and I to their store and to lunch. Well, how can you refuse a heartfelt and generous invitation from such charming people?! We couldn't, and so on Monday, we visited their store.

Silk Road is a colorful, rich bounty of inspiration. They have been recognized as a 'culture-spanning store' by Sunset magazine, which is right on the money! Focusing on International Style, which is all the rage in home decor right now (only this is SOOOOO much more elegant than Target's World Bazaar concept), owners Karla and Baki Akpinar search out local artists, foreign artisans, and unique products to bring global design to their store and your homes. Karla is also a seamstress, providing her detailled services to interior designers in the Denver area. And she's also a mom...which means this is one very busy woman!

Karla and Baki asked me to consult with them on some ideas for their store. I let them know just how much they are doing right - and really, they are. I suggested a few changes, ways of merchandising their glorious products differently, and some layout ideas. They had a few specific problem areas, and just needed to see them from a different perspective. Their responses were immediately 'OH WOW why didn't WE think of that?!' (which I am used to hearing!) and very enthusiastic about making changes. They treated us to a delish lunch at a nearby pub, and even chauffeured us to the airport. Talk about royal treatment! The thing is, this is just them...they treat everyone with generosity and kindness, helpfulness and gratitude. Such kind hearts, charming personalities, and smiling faces... truly, their personalities are as spicy and warm as the colors on the walls!

This store will be wildly successful, I know it - because these owners are dedicated to creating an inspiring decorating resource for their community, unlike any other. When you are in the Denver metro area, scoot over to the South Gaylord Historical District, and visit Karla & Baki at Silk Road. It's like taking a trip around the world and bringing home beautiful treaures from the four corners of the Earth...all in one afternoon!

Karla & Baki Akpinar, proprietors

Silk Road Home Decor & Gifts
1065 S. Gaylord Street
Denver, Colorado 80209


Edited to add:
Yesterday, this lovely package came in the mail...

When I opened it, I found a lovely card and a stunning brass & copper purse, sent to me from Karla as a thank you. WOW!

I saw these items in the store and wondered about their 'story'. Now I really I need to email Karla to ask her about it - I am certain these are handmade by artisans in a small village somewhere. What a generous gift! Karla, thank you so much! Honestly, I think I am going to hang this on the wall as an art piece....

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