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Over the weekend, I visited Christiansons Nursery in the Skagit Valley. They have the most beautiful buildings there - greenhouses, boutique shop, garden store - most of which were designed by local garden visual legend Michael French. He's big into using recycled materials for these projects. Take a peek at the glorious setting they have created...

One of the workers told me that these spaces above the old windows used in the new greenhouse weren't planned. The idea to place rows of stacked terra cotta pots there came as a flash of brilliance during the painting process. (Kind of a 'What they heck are we gonna' do here?' moment...) It made use of hundreds of pots that they have on hand. What a perfectly appropriate solution! Here are more, neatly displayed under the greenhouse potting benches:

I love the boutique shop and it's antique garden furniture & lovely accessories. Very Shabby Chic. I wandered the greenhouses, sniffed the orange blossoms, and photographed the bloming tulips & daffodils out front. It's a great place to renew your spirit, and great inspiration for display ideas.

This is the setting of the nursery in spring...surrounded by acres and acres of daffodils. Breathtaking! In a few weeks, it will all be tulips and the valley will be teeming with tourists snapping photos. (I prefer the daffies!)

And this guy was hanging out in the parking lot, barking his head off - appropriately!

It's a dogs' life, I tell ya......

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  1. Looks like a wonderful place. I can't keep out of our garden shops when it gets warm. I'd probably never leave there!!!!

    :-) Rosie


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