Spring Market Day

I spent today at the Pacific Market Center in Seattle, for the Spring Gift Show.
Lots of great new stuff, lots of spiffed-up showrooms, and a never-ending supply of treats, goodies, samples, and catalogs. The show theme is 'Catch the BUZZ', much like the winter shows (remember the bees I made for exhibitor displays?) - and the copious amounts of sugar & caffeine offered seem to work well with that.

The program included listings of special events and seminars this week, including an excerpted article by Bob Negen, and SO much more...

How about a cheat sheet on the trending color palettes for 08? Local colorist & head of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, wrote an article for the brochure.

And a column called 'The Hive' fills us all in on new showrooms in the Market and the new Bistro for food and more caffeine! Kudos to the PMC for being a resource for information & education, as well as merchandise.

We found some great stuff for the client I was with, I was able to chat with a few sales reps I know and ran into a few people who are new there but I know from other places (Hi, Sheila!). It was good to see such a positive 'vibe' in the industry again. Oh, BIG Kudos to the Barron Collection, whose music mix was beyond perfect for Monday morning mood-boosting. Details, I tell ya - details!!!!


  1. Hi Gorgeous! How is Mr. Diva?

    Was this part of the changes at SF? If so did you notice any major changes? Still coming back to SF?

  2. Bacchus, you make me blush!
    Mr Deb is doin' fine, and says 'Hello, R!'
    We are both busy with our new business, selling 'reimagined' & recycled home furnishings & decor.

    Since I've just completed contract negotiations with GLM, I can pretty much say I am NOT going to be at SFIGF this summer. I'm speaking at the Portland & Seattle shows instead.

    As for changes in SF, there will no longer be a seasonal product showcase at the entrance to Moscone South, because they've axed that one. Also, seminars are now all free to attendees, and the stage will be located somewhere right on the show floor. They are combining Demonstration Theater with the Seminar stage.

    From what I hear, the BIG changes will take place at next winter's shows. I've proposed a concept to them, and I really hope they take me up on it. It offers a great promotional opportunity for exhibitors, and lots of resources for attendees. So, we'll see!

  3. Sounds like a fun time. I really enjoyed my visit with you.

  4. I wonder if they'll be talking to buyers about our experiences there and why we do or don't continue to shop there?

    So does that mean no Diva Deb displays?!?!?!

  5. Bacchus, I think you have a great idea there - check in at www.GLM.com to find their contact email list, and send them your thoughts. They need to hear from you! From everyone!

    And yes, this means no Diva Deb Displays at the SFIGF at this show. I still have Seattle....and it's growing!

  6. Duh - www.GLMshows.com.
    (Pay attention, Deb!)