It's Bananas!

Let me ask you this: Whaddya' do with the Chiquita sticker when you eat a banana?
Come on, You know what you do, I know what you do, Everybody knows what you do!

You stick it on your forehead and grin like a dork!
We've all done this since we were four, right? Maybe a big brother or sister stuck it on us, maybe a goofy dad did it to get a laugh, maybe a kid at school got one slapped on him 'cause he was a dork. Doesn't matter when, why, or how - we've all done this.

And the Chiquita banana corporation knows it!
Check out the second sticker in the bunch:

Uh huh. They've got us pegged. Yes, by golly, they are actually encouraging this kind of childish, dorky behavior! And it's brilliant!

I can imagine the kind of meetings these people must have! And you just know that the team who came up with this marketing masterpiece actually went into grocery stores and walked around produce departments with the 'Place Sticker on Forehead. Smile.' sticker on their foreheads, just to get reactions. And can't you just imagine what those reactions were? From snickers to giggles to laughs to mothers whippin' the cart around so junior won't see it and start plastering labels on his little body, there is no doubt that nearly everyone who saw it thought to themselves 'I've done that!' We connect with it. This ad campaign connects us to each other, to our memories, to the product, to the company, to our loyalty to this brand.

Now, here's another question for you:
Name another brand of banana.

Yeah, that's what I thought......

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