Too Busy to Post!

Hey, guys, sorry that my posts are few and far between these days...I'm just slammed here at Diva Central!

Along with my consulting, speaking, and writing, my husband and I have started a new business. We are refurbing, reimagining, restyling, and recreating furniture and home accessories - yeah, it's a trash-to-treasure thing! (I've been dumpster diving for thirty years and telling others how to do it for ten - I thought I should finally sell the products that result.) So, I am now in your shoes as a vendor at the shows we've chosen to sell at this summer. We'll be at Farm Chicks in Spokane, Wa. June 7 & 8, and in Reno at the Tumbleweed Cotillion vintage French market on June 27 & 28.

It's been over ten years since we have created products for sale, so we are back on the learning curve...and sourcing & creating our entire product line, as well. A lot of work goes into this for us - and yes, I am having a blast planning themes and displays for each setup! Oh, no, I can't make it easy for us. We are doing entirely different product lines, colors, themes, etc. for each show.

Anyway, it's keeping me busy, along with several other projects. What are those? Let's see...
Susan Wagner from Country Business magazine contacted me last week, and asked me to be on a panel of experts on their new web site, where we will answer questions from readers. How exciting! Look for that to launch on June 1 - the same day I'll be speaking at the Portland Gift Show.

Last week, I finalized talks with Ray Gaulke at the Gift & Home Channel to film several segments for broadcast on their web site. I'll be filming at the Farm Chicks show in Spokane, Washington on June 7th, sharing great ideas & info about finding & using unique display items - antiques, handmade, and repurposed stuff. The Farm Chicks show is produced by Teri Edwards & Serena Thompson, both wonderful gals who've been so helpful through this process. I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity - I get to help retailers and support artisans and promote this show, all at once. Win-win-win!

And thank you so much Chuck, Cathy, and Melissa for your comments on the last post.... I am so happy that the info I've offered here is helpful! Send me photos of your fab displays!

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  1. I'm so excited for you! Even if it means you aren't visiting SF anytime soon. Your blog is a huge inspiration and I've been inspired by your ideas, now if I could just find a place for a store! LOL

    How did you get started doing freelance merchandising? I love doing displays but no store has the budget for full time staff. And with a little one at home I wouldn't want to do it full time.

    Again congrats on all the good news and best wishes to Mr. Diva.