I just finished my last project for the entire month. And since I am itchin' to get on with my self-imposed sabbatical, I am posting here twice in one day. Why? I don't want to think about this project again until August 13th!!!

The project was for George Little Management, for the Seattle Gift Show. I redesigned the Exhibitor Display Area - formerly known as the North Hall Display, which is now called the Launching Pad. It is, in fact, combined with what used to be the Launching Pad but in the location of the former North Hall Display, which was located in the South Hall 4th Floor Lobby....got that?!! OOPS - my bad. I was wrong. It's called the 'New Product Showcase'. Much less confusing! I stand corrected.

New materials, colors, and fixures. New look, new style. New name, new categories.

The fixtures will be set similarly to this sketch, then all of the products & merchandise that exhibitors bring me to display on it will go in.

Here's what I included in the design:

"Style Inspiration

Northwest Contemporary
Pan-Asian Influence
Natural Elements

This design is driven by the desire to express the unique 'terrior' or 'pride of place' that exists in the Northwest states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and British Columbia, Canada. Active, rugged, welcoming, intelligent, educated, stylish, and healthy are adjectives often used to describe the residents and visitors of the region – this design embodies those defining characteristics.

Fine finishes on wood, glass, and concrete juxtaposed with simple earthy materials like sand, bark, rocks, and moss evoke the combination of nature and technology prevalent in the region. Drawing from the influence of our geography, colors and natural elements used in the design plan reflect the sea, the sky, the mountain forest, the desert, farmland, and the urban oasis."

Yup, I practice what I preach. My seminars this summer are on using your surroundings to help you tell your own unique story - so I went with that concept here. Even the concrete floors and the wood-textured concrete walls of the Washington State Convention & Trade Center will play into the design scheme.

30 X 30 feet. HUGE display area. LOTS of products in those five categories GLM chose to focus on. To be viewed from three sides. Whew. This floorplan is approximate - everything morphs and changes onsite when the products start arriving. Lots of levels and elevations here to show things off in style.

Oh, and did I mention that in the interest of keeping costs down, I went with all IKEA shelving & tables? Great prices, great looks, easy transport...there's just one lil' problem: everything has to be assembled before I can use it. Guess who gets to do that job?

My assistants.
Beth and Anni are gonna' LOVE me.... ah, the things a mom can get away with! ;0)

OK, my 'summer vacation' effectively starts NOW! (And I don't have to think about this project again until August 13, when I head down to install it!)

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  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Oh Deb: Your design ideas are never ending and just so nifty! Or, sweeeeet as the kids say! But, I think you need to call your dear, sweet hubby "The Secret Weapon" too! That man can make a silk purse out of a sows ear - and in ONE day, too! I love that your girls help out - we're all about Family pitching in - isn't it dear that as adults - we all work together? These are memories in the making, huh? xoxo the fan