Mobile Homes. Not exactly a scion of design excellence in our minds, right?

I dunno'....check out this article on AOL and you'll realize that any room, any building, can be decorated to look like a gazillion bucks. Even if it does have wheels underneath it!
(Oh this would be a FAB challenge for the DesignStar competition!!!)


  1. Hi there Deb!
    This is my friend Theresa's house. She very famous in the Texas world. Sells at Marburger and many other events around the country and is as sweet as pie. Not to mention has incredible style! Isn't her home cool?!
    Hugs, H

  2. ...and why does it not surprise me one little bit that the uber talented Heather has friends like Theresa, the woman who created this mobile home decor??!!!

    I'd love to gather up all of these creative women and build a dream house, then decorate it, and auction it off for charity. Wouldn't that be FABulous?