A Prime Example of 'How To Do It Right'

There is just no one - NO ONE - who gets the whole tattered & torn haunted Halloween thing better than Debbie Dusenberry at the Curious Sofa. NO one. No, not even Disney with the fun 'Nightmare Before Christmas' decor that envelopes Disney theme parks in fall. Deb takes the prize for originality, whimsy, and totally shoppable displays of unique merchandise.

Check out her inspiring photos of her store for this past weekend's Fall Grand Opening: Curious Sofa blog. You best take a big Trick or Treat bag along - it's a grand haul of ideas!

Jana thought Deb had a great idea - I spotted Jana's version of the 'upside down witch' in front of the Joyworks store today!

I have the utmost respect for Curious Sofa store owner Debbie Dusenberry. She is an independent retailer who is not just raising the bar, she's setting it for the rest of the world to reach for. Her inimitable style, fearless ways with display, and tenacity to be utterly original and unique in everything she does is why she is a raving success in a retail market that is less than ideal. I talk about how shops need to individuate, to 'tell their own story' - no one does this better than the Curious Sofa. To say it is a 'destination store' is a gross underestimation of the cultish appeal....Deb has devotees from around the world who have repeatedly journeyed to her Kansas City Shop for the past eight years like it is a holy pilgrimage.

No, I haven't gone on my own particular pilgrimage yet.

And yes, I will. I just have to decide if it will be next September for the Halloween unveiling, or in November for the Holiday reveal. Decisions, Decisions!

Deb also writes a blog filled with insights and tips for retailers: visit her shopowner blog.

Photo Credit: Deb Dusenberry/ Curious Sofa, Inc.


  1. I haven gone yet either, but another shop owner and I are planning a trip to see C.S. We've been fans a long time. Who else would have thought of that witch?!

  2. Haha! That is soooo cute!!

  3. What can I say. FABULOUS! I'm trying to convince Hubby to take a road trip to visit this shop.

    I saw a half dozen things I want already.

  4. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Deb at Curious Sofa is a master at display and merchandising - we can ALL learn from her!

  5. KayEllen2:53 PM

    That a crack up!

    Heather told me about your blog:)

    Just checking to see if you liked sealah tape products too!

    I will email you:)

    Have a wonderful week, nice to meet you,

  6. I follow her blog too. She is really something. It is pretty cool that she can close the store & revamp for events--really gives her time to work her magic!