Second Question

My friend Adrienne read my Facebook page and saw my comment that I am packing to move. So, she asked 'Where are you moving to - and WHY?!'

WHY? Because we are crazy people! I mean, doesn't everyone just up and move in the midst of the busiest month of one partner's year and immediately preceding the busiest month of the other partner's year? Isn't that normal?! I guess not, but then Mr. Deb and I have not often been accused of resembling anything close to normal!

The 'where' is the cool part. We found our dream house in July. Well, actually, the house isn't so much of a dream. It's OK, as houses go, and will be serviceable until we remodel it into the open, spacious feel we envision. But the rest....oh wow. It's a farm, with 6 acres of flat sunny land near the beach on an island that is located only 30 minutes North of where we now live. With barns and outbuildings and shops and possibilities for us to grow our business to a size we have previously only dreamed of.

And that's the biggest point of all.... we imagined this for 30 years.
When we talk about what we want our business to be, our life to be, our retirement to look like, this is it. It's what we've always wanted, and even the parts we didn't know we wanted are included! Through a series of miracles and serendipitous events, we are moving in less than four months from the day we found it. I want to say that I firmly believe that imagining, dreaming, envisioning, and having faith that things can happen is paramount to success.

I know, I know, everyone says it's hard work and blood, sweat, and tears that make things happen. That it's balance sheets and credit lines and bank accounts that build businesses. That education and experience are paramount to success. And to a certain extent, they are right....but without imagining the possibilities first, how do you know what that 'success' will look like? Without blueprints, how do you know what the house you build will look like before it exists?

It's been said that a business plan is a roadmap to success. Truly, a business plan is a concept - a dream, if you will - of what you want your business to look like. You are imagining the structure, the form, the details, the outcome, and putting them into the 'tangible form' of words, to precede the 'tangible form' of what they become. You are creating your own path, blueprint, map, to follow so that things come out looking like you want them to: Designing a business, so to speak. And design begins with imagining something that doesn't exist yet.

We've been creating those 'blueprints' for years. Along the way, we doubted that we'd find what we really wanted....until we chose to stop doubting and start believing that it could become reality. Less than one month after we made that decision, we turned a corner (literally!) and found this place. Life changed completely. And our business plan ramped up into high gear. By next weekend, we'll be living in our new place and off on our new journey....amazed, thankful, grateful, and blessed. (And totally ready for the 'hard work' part!)

My turn for a question:
What are YOU imagining for your business, your life, your future????
"Thoughts become things....choose the good ones." TM www.TUT.com


  1. Oh, so true. Sometimes, though, people forget that after dreaming their big dream, they need to do the hard work of making it happen. Good luck to you. I'm sure you both will be very happy. Maybe I'll see you back in Reno sometime.

  2. Congratulations on turning a thirty year dream into REALITY! You will enjoy every step of the journey.

  3. I love this post. I believe it but haven't gotten to the part of letting go yet. Congrats that you have. Have fun on the new journey. k

  4. Happy Homecoming to you, Deb! Best wishes to you and Mr. B as you begin your new island life! :)

  5. I was glad to read about your move as well since I had wondered about the facebook post too. Congrat's! I know it will be awesome!