Believe It....or Not???

I just ran across an almost unbelieveable story on AOL.
It seems a home developer in the United Kingdom has been staging their new homes for sale with a most unorthodox style. You might call it the Berenstain method...

They include a messy teen boy's room - complete with disheveled bedding, clothes strewn across the floor, tacky posters on the walls, even 'leftover' food lying around. The food may be plastic stand-ins for pizza & sandwiches, and spilled cans of Coke - but the muddy shoes are real, brought in by an employee in the sales office.

Seems the builder thinks that this approach will startle buyers, make them remember the property, and foster a sense of 'home' that those pristinely-staged rooms don't engender. (Wouldn't you just LOVE to hear Jeff Lewis' - the uber detail-obsessed real estate flipper from Bravo's Flipping Out show - take on this???!!!) Did it work? Well, the article says the homes are selling faster than others in the area.

I'm not sure if this story - which originally ran in the STAR magazine in the UK (which makes one raise an eyebrow) is at all true, but if so it just may start a heinous and altogether unpleasant trend. It takes all kinds!

Click here to read it on AOL and see a few photos. I'd have loved to have shared them here - you really have to see this to believe it...or not???

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