The 3/50 Project - Heard of It?

This is a brilliant grass-roots organization and cause that it is high time for! The cause? 'Support local merchants and local economies'. It's easy, simple, and affordable: Pick three independent shops in your community that you would miss if they went under. Each month, spend fifty dollars combined in all three stores.

This can include your local mom & pop grocer, bookstore, card shop, hardware store, clothing exchange, and furniture consignment shop, just to name a few possibilities. That makes it easy to spread fifty bucks a month around - you're going to buy groceries, paint, socks and birthday cards anyway, so support your local small businesses!

For more information, registration, resources, and news, visit the 350 project.

You can even purchase swell merchandise to advertise the cause at Cafe Press!

And Bacchus, just because you asked, yes, the 3/50 Project IS on Facebook! Find them here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-350-Project/58063584908?ref=ts (this link and more are on the Resources page of the 3/50 web site).

**As per a request in a comment from Linda, I've changed the title of this post to use numerals rather than words for the phrase '3/50 Project'. Sorry 'bout that, had no idea.....**


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  2. I love this idea. I can think of a couple of places right off the top of my head.

  3. I agree, Bacchus! We can all easily think of three retailers in our communities - that's what makes this so smart and ultimately successful.

    Now we all just have to get the word out!!!

  4. Do you know if they are on Facebook? I'd love to post it there.

  5. Bacchus, yes, the 3/50 Project IS on Facebook:


  6. This is an amazing project that has grown exponentially in just over a month. Credit needs to be given to Cinda Baxter who organized the movement, provided retail stores and project supporters with information, flyers and electronic images and garnered national exposure the project. Since Cinda got behind The 3/50 Project it has been mentioned on Seth Godin's blog, Gifts and Dec's newsletter, OneCoast Advisor Newsletter, Mike Landfair's blog, both CBS and NBC news affiliates have picked up the story and there are pages for it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkIn, and Likaholix as well as appearing on many retail store's blogs. And that's just a partial list!

    Also, just to keep the integrity of the brand, kindly refer to it in print as the 3/50 Project, not "The Three Fifty Project" I KNOW details, details, details! :)

    More information can be found on Cinda's Always Upward blog http://alwaysupward.com/blog/ and as mentioned http://www.the350project.net/home.html

  7. I found out about the 3/50 project last week from a fellow retailer and posted the info on both my blogs immediately! It is such a FABULOUS idea! We just need to spread the word!