Tired of the News...

In the classic film 'Blazing Saddles', the inimitable Lily von Schtup (played to the hilt as a send-up of Greta Garbo by comedic genius Madeline Kahn) sings 'I'm So Tiiiiiired'. Her annoyed expressions, whining voice, and 'I just don't CARE anymore' attitude turn a silly ditty into a repeatable lament for the ages.

Someone tell me how to join in the backup chorus, please, because I have reached critical overload with the negative, biased, paid-expert-wooing, woe-is-us drivvel that passes for 'news' in today's media. Enough already!

Are you there, too? There is an antidote to the bombardment of doom & gloom: Check out gnn.com. The polar opposite of CNN, the Good News Now Network is an uplifting look at the best side of any given situation, people, and society in general. How very refreshing!

If this kind of news had a song to express the hopefulness it inspires, that song would be 'I Had a Dream', as sung by the amazing Susan Boyle. I'll take more of both, please!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I've often said "since when is new's only BAD news?" who says you can't report on the good? I love the stories on GNN thanks for the tip!
    Have a GOOD day!

  2. Thanks I didn't know about gnn! However I have watched Susan Boyle five times this week, it's my new favorite feel good inspirational viewing. Gives me happy tears every time.

  3. Hey Deb...good stuff, we all need it! Go to youtube and check out "sound of music train station Belgium" it's profound.