Retail Redesign: Phase One, Part Two...

More of the Retail Redesign at Poppyseeds...

When you walked into the shop BEFORE, this was the main view.
In the foreground is a large central display, featuring a beautiful carved & inlaid wood dresser, bed, and desk. While very unique and in excellent condition, these pieces just overwhelmed the space so much that the details were never noticed. Their large size, dark color, and bulkiness made it difficult to focus on anything else or move within the space. In addition....
...behind that display, in the background, was a nearly bare wall. There is no color or interest to pull your eye to the back of the space, and that lack of 'draw' makes the space feel smaller. Almost unseen in this photo is the glass case that you saw in my last post - the one filled with jewelry. In it's old location, it disappeared behind the huge center display.
Now when you enter the shop, this is the display you see! It is stylish, offers merchandise in an easily viewable format, and provides inspiring decor ideas, as well.

The open base and curved legs of the Duncan Phyfe table are light in color, scale, and bulk, and also allow for chairs to be tucked in. With one chair and an accent table up on top, there are MORE pieces of furniture in this display than there were in the original one! It's all about scale. We made sure to keep the height toward the rear of that display - the black chair on top of the table - and then stairstepped it down as it comes forward, using the pink accent table and then the white pedestal to provide levels for more merchandise. This 'receding levels' approach leads the eye and also prevents that blocked feeling in the center of the room.

The hanging lamp used to be in the left front corner...moving it here fills the entire room with warm, bright light, making more merchandise look fabulous. The light also serves to pull attention into this display. Adding lamps or chandeliers into your vignettes is the best way to bring a scene to life.

While there is much to hold your attention here, the open chair back and coffee table structure make it possible for your eye to travel all the way through this display - your view to the far wall of the shop is not blocked. We tucked a large antique cabinet into that corner, to create a solid presence and a big visual draw. It balances the room, adding weight opposite the door.

In the photo below, you can see the cabinet in its former location - right next to a doorway. In that location, it felt huge, bulky, and because this is an old house with uneven floors, it seemed to tilt precariously toward the door.

By moving the cabinet away from the doorway, we opened up the passage for customers... making it easier for them to enter & exit the room, and stop to browse along the way.

Now, a fabulous antique dressing table occupies the space formerly taken up by that cabinet. Its small frame, soft color, and curvy lines are eye candy, and we've drawn even more attention to it by swathing the wall behind it with hot pink silk fabric. The wall color is soft yellow, and that didn't provide enough contrast to the ivory paint on the furniture piece. None of the lovely details showed up. So we stapled the fabric to the wall, pleating it like drapery as we went, and it became a perfect 'frame' for the dressing table & mirror.

In display, simple solutions are the best - the fabric can be easily removed for a new look. And since it was something I had on hand, it was free. The dressing table is the perfect display piece for more sparkling jewelry - not only is it appropriate in function, it is a perfect height to allow for browsing and has a mirror that customers can view themselves in.

For more great Retail Redesign tips that YOU can use, stay tuned... I have so much more to show you!


  1. Hi Debbie,
    You have so much talent!
    Beautiful photos!