Make It Easy

Writer Anne DiNardo at VMSD has written a micro-article about what retail customers REALLY want, and it may just get her elected for president. If the 'teeming masses of shoppers yearning to spend freely' ever read it, she'll be on the ballot ASAP. Check it out - it's smart.

Then look around your store to see if you are following Anne's plea to 'just show me how to spend it'...

(Anne also has another article on the site which speaks to the importance and state of the visual merchandising industry in today's retail economy. Excellent news!)

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  1. Of COURSE you can use my photos. I will see if I can email you the full resolution pictures from French Vanilla. What a small world, eh?!

    I definitely want to get out to that Farm Chick show next year :) Will you send me a reminder?