Why Did the Chick Cross the Road?

Because she saw a FABULOUS display, of course!
Walking down the sidewalk, talking with my hubby, enjoying a sunny day.... and this little piece of funny jumped out at me! TOO fabulous. A broom used as a mannequin - and it's the sunglasses that just make you laugh out loud. This is right up my alley - fast, cheap, easy, simple, and effective. The shop owners at Amaryllis in LaConner, Washington are smart to utilize a visual merchandising trick like this! They don't have a web link, but here's some info on them:

  • Amaryllis 717 South First Street, La Conner, WA 98257, 360-466-1499, This women's shop specializes in hand-designed and unique items.

The next interesting thing I saw on our walk was this darling shrub topiary, trimmed to look like a teapot...

Wanna' guess what kind of shop it sat outside of?

Ruby Sue's Teas & Treasures
Tea Room also!
625 S. First Street
La Conner, WA 98257
Open daily

Just some simple little things people are doing to grab passerby attention..... give you any ideas? Send them to me! You might find your shop here on my blog!


  1. Cute topiary! The Man and I are heading your way in August. Maybe we'll get the chance to visit with you and Builder Bob? Email me and I'll send you our travel details! Smiles, H
    PS. LOVED your tent-a-palooza!

  2. That tea pot topiary is tip top notch!! Seriously cute and eye catching.