Yep. She's Part of My Tribe!

Meet Tamara. She's the owner of a business, designer of floral plantings, marvelous writer, and grandma-to-be. Tamara and I read each others' blogs - hers is The Greenhouse Diaries, and on it she shares a lot of info about her experiences in business. (There's also an occasional reference to her daughter and the impending arrival of Tamara's first grandchild... and I can't blame her a bit for popping those posts in there!)

Tamara was just on a tour of greenhouses/garden centers, and she wrote a great post talking about what she saw and how it affected her. She titled it 'In Business, Change is Constant'. O, sistah, you are preachin' my sermon! Love it! She GETS it, the importance of change and impact and presentation, and that makes her part of my tribe. Her insight had me nodding my head in agreement as I read along - it was interesting to see her perspective in her words & photos. I had to smile as I recognized some merchandising tricks with plants that I've used in the past, when creating displays at local retailer Molbaks Garden + Home.

Tamara also very kindly mentioned me in her post, as well, and I thank her for sending some new readers my way! So, I'm returning the favor. We all need good info and inspiration these days, and I'm happy to share a great resource with you. (I swiped the photo from Tamara's blog, BTW... she's as pretty and colorful as the flowers she grows!)


  1. Well, that is just too sweet! I'm going to a seminar this morning about Women in Horticulture: Leadership with a Woman's touch. Should be interesting so I'll keep you informed :)

    Thanks for such a nice shout out, Debi.

  2. Hi Deb,

    Since I am also a Woman in Horticulture, I'm going to be checking out your endorsement. Thanks again, this time for connecting me to someone in my business!