Hitting the Right Note

Friday, I discovered a few new shops in Anacortes, Washington. One of them, Island Home Collection, offered this inspiring sight as we walked in. A baby grand piano, used as the cashwrap. The piano is fully functional, according to the nice gentleman there who talked with us and graciously allowed us to photograph it. With a computer screen up on top, it serves perfectly for this home furnishings store.

This is a stunning and inspiring example of using unique items to enhance your store image. It also helps sell product - those fab upholstered stools are just perfect here. Turns something like a piano into a serving area. Hmmmmmn.... what a great idea....kind of like a few Piano Bars I know of.... ;0)

PS: Tamara, in answer to the question in your comment, from ME. My husband designed & created those two Piano Bars, and we debuted them at Farm Chicks in June. We're not that far from you! Email me for more details..... debi.wardkennedy (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. That is so CUTE! I wonder where I can find me one of those?!

  2. I so wish I lived in the Washington area...you get to visit so many fabulous places!!